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Published: 6 - 5 - 2021

Enlivening Ramadan, Pertamina Rosneft Tuban Orphan Allowance

Enlivening Ramadan, Pertamina Rosneft Tuban Orphan Allowance

Tuban, May 6, 2021 — In the midst of the Holy Month Ramadan, PT Pertamina Rosneft Pengolahan & Petrokimia (PRPP) carried out community social activities, supporting 57 orphans from six villages in Jenu, Tuban. The six villages are Wadung, Sumurgeneng, Rawasan, Mentoso, Beji, and Kaliuntu Village. The six villages were chosen because they are part of Grass Refinery Root (GRR) project site.

The symbolic handover of aid was held on Wednesday (28/5) on the sidelines of Ramadan Safari by Regent and Deputy Regent of Tuban in 1422 H/2021 M. Corporate Affairs of PRPP, Yuli Wahyu Witantra said that assistance was given to children who had lost their parents and lived in poverty, so they needed to get priority. "The welfare of orphans is a shared responsibility in the life of nation and state. In this activity, we prioritize distribution to those who really need it," he explained.

PRPP, which is affiliated with Pertamina as a state-owned enterprise (STATE-OWNED Enterprise), supports the government's efforts to build a social security program to help disadvantaged people in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Article 34 which states that "The Poor and abandoned children are maintained by the State." Support from various parties is needed to achieve this noble vision.

This is also in accordance with the teachings in Islam, where the holy of Quran affirms human beings to be devout and not to ignore the fate of orphans, who are called the weak (mustadh'afin). " And let those fear (in their behaviour toward orphans) who if they left behind them weak offspring would be afraid for them." (QS An-Nisaa': 9)

Yuli explained that Pertamina Rosneft's assistance activities are part of a routine corporate social responsibility (CSR) program mandated by the Pertamina Group. In addition to CSR programs, Pertamina Group carries out a mission to create benefits and economic value for the country and the wider community through services, business activities, programs, and projects carried out.

Pertamina Rosneft is the implementer of the Tuban GRR project, which is included in the National Strategic Project (PSN). The refinery, which is predicted to be the largest petrochemical facility in Southeast Asia, is targeted to be operational in 2026 and is estimated to absorb approximately 27,000 workers at the time of construction, as well as 2,500 workers after the project is operational.

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