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Published: 24 - 1 - 2022

Recruiting Local Workers For Refineries, GRR Tuban Ensures Transparency Throughout The Recruitment Process

Recruiting Local Workers For Refineries, GRR Tuban Ensures Transparency Throughout The Recruitment Process

Tuban, January 24th, 2022 – Pertamina's dedication in overseeing the National Strategic Project (PSN) continues to be implemented through the construction of the Tuban Grass Root Refinery (GRR). The effort to accelerate the project is shown from the progress of the project which has reached 66.43% for the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stage in 2022. Also this year, the preparation process for the construction of GRR Tuban continues to be accelerated through a series of activities, both organized by Pertamina Project GRR Tuban and PT Pertamina Rosneft Pengolahan dan Petrokimia (PRPP).

The role of GRR Tuban as a PSN is supported by the strategic impact of this project which will later provide additional supplies for the needs of quality fuel, LPG and petrochemicals. With the presence of the Tuban Refinery, these needs can be met from the refinery itself and there is no need for imports. GRR Tuban is also built with the latest technology with a processing capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day which will produce 30 million liters of fuel per day for gasoline and diesel types. In addition, Tuban Refinery will also produce 4 million liters of avtur per day and petrochemical production of 4.25 million tons per year. The construction of the Tuban GRR Refinery also creates other multiplier effects, especially in area around the location at Tuban.

Recruitment Process Transparency

As mentioned by Kadek Ambara Jaya, President Director of PRPP, the company is highly committed to proactively involving local workers in the construction process of GRR Tuban Refinery. Until the 3rd Phase of Land Clearing which was completed in 2021, the GRR Tuban Refinery has involved more than 300 workers, of which 98% are local communities around the project. The implementation of the 1st to 3rd phase of land clearing work itself has involved more than 600 residents around the project. Furthermore, the recruitment of workers is carried out by fulfilling the applicable requirements and conditions in the field of labor as well as the applicable occupational safety and health provisions.

"PRPP and Pertamina Project GRR are committed to recruiting workers who meet the requirements and meet the necessary competencies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations", said Kadek Ambara Jaya, President Director of PRPP. To ensure the implementation of labor recruitment properly and transparently, the recruitment process in 2022 is supported by PT Pertamina Training & Consulting (PTC). The appointment of PTC is based on the fact that the recruitment process can be carried out transparently, independently and free from any intervention.

"Regarding the fulfillment of manpower for GRR Tuban project in 2022, we will continue our commitment to empower local communities as in the previous year. However, for the needs of the workforce that requires certain competencies, we will make a selection so that later it will be obtained by the son of region as a prospective worker who is physically and spiritually healthy, disciplined, professional, competent and highly dedicated to together we support every phase of the refinery construction. We also have high hopes that the prospective workers we recruit, can become a proud representation of local communities not only to Tuban area but also to GRR Tuban and PRPP and can improve the company's reputation in front of other stakeholders", said Kadek. "That way, the existence of GRR Tuban Project is expected not only to be economic value but to be able to become a project that provides an improvement in the quality of Human Resources in Tuban", concluded Kadek.

GRR Tuban is one of refinery development projects managed by Pertamina through Pertamina Project GRR Tuban and PT Pertamina Rosneft Pengolahan dan Petrokimia (PRPP). In 2022, PRPP focuses on continuing the completion of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) where as of 31st December 2021, the completion of this activity has reached 66.43% or faster than the target set at the beginning of 2021 of 59.44%. "Considering that the Tuban GRR Refinery will later become one of the milestones of energy independence which will support energy distribution in Indonesia, the company will continue to establish synergies, including with local workers to continue GRR Tuban project On Time, On Budget, On Specification, On Return, On Regulation (OTOBOSOROROR)", concluded Kadek.

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