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Published: 28 - 4 - 2022

Enlivening the Month of Ramadan, Pertamina Rosneft Holds Social Assistance Activities for the Residents of Jenu Tuban

Enlivening the Month of Ramadan, Pertamina Rosneft Holds Social Assistance Activities for the Residents of Jenu Tuban

Tuban, 28 April 2022 - The moment of Ramadan in 1443 H or 2022 was not missed by Pertamina Rosneft to enliven the holy month for Muslims to share with others through a series of social programs entitled Ramadhan Blessings with Pertamina Rosneft.

The activity was in the form of compensation for orphans and the distribution of free basic necessities to residents in need from 6 (six) villages around the Tuban GRR project area in Jenu District, Tuban Regency, namely Wadung, Sumurgeneng, Kaliuntu, Mentoso, Rawasan, and Beji Villages. This year Pertamina Rosneft distributed 900 food packages and compensation to 73 orphans from the area with a total aid value of Rp. 200 million. Specially, as an effort to get closer between the company and the surrounding residents, this assistance was delivered directly by the Pertamina Rosneft team and Pertamina Tuban GRR Project in collaboration with the local village government to all beneficiaries door to door at the residence of each recipient for 3 (three) days from Monday (26/4/2022) to Wednesday (27/4/2022). In addition, the company also invites residents of nearby villages to help with the packing process and the process of sending aid.

"This is the second year of the implementation of the social assistance program in the month of Ramadan by Pertamina Rosneft where in 2021, we have also held a similar program. It is hoped that this assistance from us will bring benefits to the recipients considering the national economic conditions that have not recovered properly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, thereby reducing people's purchasing power," explained Yuli Witantra from Pertamina Rosneft Corporate Affairs on a separate occasion on Thursday (28/4/2022).


In addition to the program of distributing basic necessities for the dhuafa and also compensation to orphans, Pertamina Rosneft also provides compensation to religious institutions, namely the Mansyaul Huda 02 Islamic Boarding School in Senori Tuban District and also to the Patra Jasa Islamic Da'wah Agency to support the organization's activities during the month of Ramadan around the Patra Jasa Office Tower.


On this occasion, Yuli also hoped for prayers and support from the entire community, especially the community around the Tuban GRR project area, for the smooth preparation of the refinery construction. The latest developments related to the preparation process for the construction of the Tuban GRR refinery, when Pertamina Rosneft is still focusing on completing the detailed design or Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and then projected engineering, procurement, and construction phases (Engineering, Procurement, Construction / EPC) are expected to start in the third quarter of 2023.


"Although until now, Pertamina Rosneft is still in the construction preparation stage and has not carried out full activities in Tuban, but we are still committed to getting closer to the community through social activities, including through this activity. Hopefully, the prayers of the community and also the blessings of Ramadan this year will have a positive impact on the smooth running of our activities," concluded Yuli.

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