Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Business With CSR Program

We realize that long-term business sustainability is not only obtained from demands for performance in economic and operational aspects alone, but also through contributions to community empowerment and environmental preservation, in a balanced and sustainable manner. Fundamentally, the implementation orientation is a principle that must be carried out in every business activity of the Company. Therefore PRPP seeks to provide positive benefits to the community around the company's operational area through social and environmental responsibility programs. Programs developed and implemented by the company are based on and in line with ISO:26000 standards on Social Responsibility, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In accordance with the mandate of the Ministry of BUMN, PRPP as part of the Pertamina Group which is engaged in the energy and oil and gas sector is expected to focus on implementing TJSL as follows:


The Dream of Youth Generation in Tuban Reaching Asa in The Oil and Gas World

Ahmad Zaenul, was unable to say a word when he was told the schedule of departure for Cilacap to be employed at the Pertamina RU-IV refinery in Cilacap.

Feelings of happiness, gratitude, and emotion all mixed together in this young man from Wadung Village. The focus is on gaining knowledge and experience outside so that later it is ready to help develop Tuban to become Inu's ideals, his nickname in the future.

Inu is one of 20 young people in Jenu District who are employed at the Pertamina refinery after previously having the opportunity to study at the Akamigas Cepu Energy and Mineral Polytechnic through our scholarship program to study at PEM Akamigas Cepu. This proves that PRPP is fully committed to promoting and encouraging the development of human resources in the area around the project in Jenu District. This is also in line with the company's support for realizing SGD's 4th quality education and SGD's 8th decent work and economic growth.

From Tuban, Overcoming the Issue of Global Warming

Responding to the issue of global planting, the GRR Tuban Project does not remain silent by carrying out a series of planting programs in a number of areas around the company's operational area. In 2020 - 2021, collaborating with the local community, we planted 20,000 sea pine seedlings in 3 villages in Jenu District. This planting is one of the efforts to reduce carbon emissions where 1 (one) sea sage can absorb CO2 of 126.51 Kg/year.

In addition, this plant is also very effective in resisting wind and sea waves that cause abrasion which has the potential to damage coastal ecosystems. In addition to the beach area, the company is also expanding its commitment to the environmental sector in the hilly area by planting 2,800 plant seeds, both productive plants and woody plants, in Bukit Wilis, Jenu District, Tuban Regency. This commitment simultaneously answers the challenge of SDG's 13th, Handling Climate Change: SGD's 14 protects marine ecosystems and SDG's 15 protects terrestrial ecosystems.