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Published: 3 - 10 - 2023

Consistently Providing Quality Education Support, PRPP Wins Subroto Award 2023

Consistently Providing Quality Education Support, PRPP Wins Subroto Award 2023

Jakarta, October 2, 2023 - As mandated by the 1945 Constitution, the purpose of national education is to educate the nation's life. More than that, education is a process of changing the attitudes and behavior of a person or group in an effort to mature humans through teaching or training as quoted from the Big Dictionary Indonesian. Therefore quality education is absolutely necessary.

Even so, in the midst of the Indonesian education world where even a number of Indonesian universities are poking into the ranking of world-class universities, Indonesia is still experiencing problems regarding the quality of education, namely equitable distribution of education quality. In fact, good and equitable quality of education is one of the keys and basic capital of regional development. Based on data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the number of out-of-school children ranges from 1.3 percent in relatively affluent areas in western Indonesia compared to 20.7 percent in less affluent areas. In total, of Indonesia's 46 million teenagers, almost a quarter of those aged 15-19 are not in school.

This condition encourages all elements of the Grass Root Refinery (GRR) Tuban, both through PT Pertamina (Persero) Asset Management Function, PT Pertamina Internasional Early Work Project GRR Tuban Function, and PT PRPP, to collaborate together to provide an oil and gas Diploma III (D3) Scholarship Program intended for young generation living in Jenu District,  Tuban Regency, East Java where in the area is projected to build an integrated fuel refinery with the GRR Tuban petrochemical industry.

Since 2019, a total of 47 young generation from Jenu have gained access to education through the D3 Scholarship Program at the Energy and Mineral Polytechnic (PEM) Akamigas where a total of 20 students in 2022 have completed their education and have been employed at a number of Pertamina Refinery Unit refineries spread throughout Indonesia as permanent workers at PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional. While the rest are currently still studying at PEM Akamigas and are expected to follow in the footsteps of their seniors to become Pertamina's new energy as well as be able to make a positive contribution to developing Tuban and Indonesia.

The spirit of building Tuban was affirmed by Ahmad Zaenul, one of the graduates of PEM Akamigas who received the scholarship. He invited the youth of Jenu District to expand their knowledge and enthusiasm in achieving their goals because Tuban needs new energies to build and develop 'Bumi Wali' City.

"For now, I focus on gaining knowledge and experience outside, later returning to Tuban is ready to help development in Tuban, my beloved city", Zainul said shortly before departing for the Cilacap RU-IV Refinery to undergo the appointment process as a Pertamina worker on Thursday (1/9/2022).

The long-term commitment of the GRR Tuban Project to the young generation of Jenu in the field of education has received attention from a number of stakeholders, one of which is the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Indonesia. On Friday (29/09/2023) at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom Jakarta, PRPP received the Subroto Award 2023 in the Best Stakeholder category for Human Resources Competency Development through Vocational Education from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. This award was given to PRPP for its efforts to develop the capacity of the young generation of Jenu District through the Diploma III (D3) scholarship program at PEM Akamigas. On this occasion, PRPP President Director, Reizaldi Gustino received the award directly.

Reizaldi welcomed the Subroto Award and stated that this award shows that PRPP and the GRR Tuban Project have shown commitment to develop the younger generation from around the GRR Tuban Project area consistently, especially in the field of education.

"This scholarship is unique because it is end to end and comprehensive, end to end means that we not only provide educational facilities but also the opportunity to apply educational results by working at Pertamina Group as workers. Comprehensive in the sense that we support all the needs of scholarship recipients while attending education because PEM Akamigas as our partner provides all the needs of scholarship recipients starting from the main infrastructure related to educational aspects, as well as other supporting infrastructure such as housing", said Reizaldi.

"Alhamdulillah, thank you to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the award given to us, especially for the efforts of the GRR Tuban Project to advance the surrounding community. Thank you also to PEM Akamigas as our partner in the implementation of our program. Not to forget all related teams from PRPP, GRR Tuban, and Pertamina who have executed and overseen the implementation of this scholarship program", he continued.

Reizaldi also underlined that the commitment of PRPP and all elements of the GRR Tuban Project has not been completed until here and will continue until the construction and operation phases later.

"Along with the development of the project, the social community programs that focus on community capacity building will be one of the priorities for us to implement as well. Please pray and support from all stakeholders so that the GRR Tuban Project can run smoothly in order to realize national energy independence and the domestic petrochemical industry", concluded Reizaldi.

The Subroto Award for the Best Stakeholder category in the Field of Human Resources Competency Development through Vocational Education is the second award received by PRPP after previously PRPP in 2022 received the same award. PRPP is currently entering the development phase as part of preparations for the construction of GRR Tuban. GRR Tuban is planned to stand on an area of approximately 840 hectares in Jenu District, Tuban Regency and is projected to have a crude oil processing capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day that produces high-quality fuel with Euro V specifications and petrochemical products in the form of polyolefins and aromatics.*

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