Vision & Mission


visi mata

To be a world-class integrated petroleum and petrochemical processing company


visi target

To develop and operate Grass Root Refinery Tuban that integrates petroleum refinery with petrochemicals, using the latest, reliable, safe, efficient, and eco-friendly technology to provide profitable business value to both parties in joint venture business corporation and bring benefits to the society.


as a part of AKHLAK: KOMPETEN, commitment to continue learning and developing capabilities

Own Integrity

as a part of AKHLAK: AMANAH, commitment to uphold the trust given


as a part of AKHLAK: ADAPTIF, commitment to innovate and be enthusiastic in moving or facing any changes in the future


as a part of AKHLAK: KOLABORATIF, commitment to build synergistic partnerships


as a part of AKHLAK; HARMONIS, commitment to take care of each other and respect diversity