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Published: 8 - 12 - 2022

Response to Global Issues Regarding Climate Change, GRR Tuban Project Planted 2,800 Plant Seeds Around the Project Area

Response to Global Issues Regarding Climate Change, GRR Tuban Project Planted 2,800 Plant Seeds Around the Project Area

Tuban, December 8, 2022 - Climate change causing an increase in earth's temperature has become a serious issue for global community. Data from NASA in 2021 the earth's surface temperature in 2021 has increased by 0.85 degrees Celsius compared to the annual average temperature during the period 1951-1980. Responding to this, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (KPI) Early Work Grass Root Refinery (GRR) Tuban in 2022 launched an activity to plant 2,800 fruit and wood plant seeds around the project site area in Jenu District, Tuban Regency.

On Thursday (8/12/2022), located in Bukit Wilis, Suwalan Village, Jenu District, Tuban Regency, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional, the Early Work Project GRR Tuban in collaboration with the Mangrove Center Foundation held a thanksgiving event as well as the first planting for initiative of the planting program.

Sr. Project Manager Early Work GRR Tuban, M. Solihin, in his speech stated that this planting program is a tangible manifestation of the company's commitment to preserving the environment around the project area.

"Planting programs like this are very important programs for us as part of the Pertamina Group as a commitment to environmental conservation, especially around our operating area. It is hoped that this simple activity can have a positive impact on responding to climate change and also have an impact on the environment and the surrounding community", said M. Solihin.

"We are committed so that this program can be used as a comprehensive and sustainable program, if necessary, a master plan will be made to raise the level of this program not only as part of environmental conservation but also as part of community economic development through agribusiness and the development of tourism villages", he continued.

In closing, M. Solihin also asked for prayers of blessing from the Suwalan community for the smooth execution of GRR Tuban project as part of efforts to realize national energy independence through fuel processing activities that are integrated with the petrochemical industry.

In line with M. Solihin, H. Ali Manshur, an environmental figure and founder of the Mangrove Center Foundation appreciated Pertamina Group's commitment to environmental conservation in its area of operation. "I know the commitment of Pertamina Group everywhere is the same in ensuring the preservation of the environment around the company's operations, therefore we from the Mangrove Foundation are also committed to helping Pertamina in environmental conservation efforts including in this planting program in Bukit Wilis", said the 2012 Kalpataru recipient on the sidelines of the activity. H. Ali Manshur also thanked to elements of the residents of Suwalan Village for their slick cooperation in preparing this planting program.

On the same occasion, Village Secretary Suwalan Wasirun appreciated Pertamina Group's efforts to contribute to the environment and the people of Jenu through this planting program. "Thank you, gentlemen from Pertamina, who came to our place to help the community through the afforestation program. Hopefully this program can make a maximum contribution to the surrounding community", he said.

Early Work GRR Tuban itself is a function under the R&P Project Infrastructure, Directorate of Infrastructure Projects of PT KPI which is mandated by the company to carry out preliminary work on land intended for the construction and operation of one of the National Strategic Projects, GRR Tuban refinery which will be implemented later by PT Pertamina Rosneft Pengolahan dan Petrokimia. Since 2019, the Early Work team of GRR Tuban has completed land clearing activities for the GRR Tuban refinery covering an area of approximately 840 hectares in the form of land clearing, fencing, and other basic infrastructure development. The activity, which consists of 4 (four) phases of activities, ends in September 2022 involving more than 500 local residents. In 2023, the Early Work GRR Tuban team will face the next phase of work, namely site development in the form of cut and fill refinery land materials and also the construction of other additional supporting infrastructure.

The planting program in 2022 is the second program organized by GRR Tuban Project after 2021 and then planted 20,000 sea cypress seedlings on the beach located in 3 villages of Jenu District, namely Purworejo, Mentoso, and Jenu Villages. As for the types of plants that will be planted in this activity, among others, durian, sapodilla, and avocado plants for the fruit plant category. Meanwhile, woody plants will be planted teak, trembesi, and tamarind. This program is expected to strengthen the company's commitment and concern for environmental conservation in Tuban Regency, especially around the company's operating area.*

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